XF 2.1 Redirection to new domain https and upgraded from vbulletin

Hey guys

Can anyone help me please, I don't know what to put in my .htaccess file to make my google listings 301 redirect to my new site on my new domain (and now on https)

My old site one of the threads is:

And on the new site it is now:

Can anyone help me with this please?

Thank you!
I got told if I kept the retain ID things I could do it through htacces is this not the case

Also does anyone know if to use that redirect script do I still need old site in place. Thanks!


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No you don't need the old site in place. It just takes any old vBulletin URLs submitted by a visitor (or clicked on in search results) and redirects that URL to the new Xenforo URL.
That's correct - you can use standard rewrites in .htaccess.

I'm fairly sure they've been posted in this forum a few times so a search should reveal them.
Yes this is what I want to do. I cannot figure it out I have posted in the request paid services section if anyone would like to quote to sort it for me
@AndyB kindly did this for me, for vbulletin I made a php file called showthread.php in my old forum dir and obviously you need to change the to url to yours below also


$t = $_GET['t'];
$p = $_GET['p'];

if ($t != '' AND $p == '')
    header ('Location: https://www.domain.com/threads/' . $t . '/',TRUE,301); 

if ($p != '')
    header ('Location: https://www.domain.com/posts/' . $p . '/',TRUE,301);