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Is there another way to redirect vbulletin threads to xenforo on a new host. I only imported the database to the new host and would like to know how would I go about doing the redirection if I dont have my vb files on the new server?
If the redirect script can't match the id then it will redirect to the index. This could be the result of an incorrect log table name in the 301config.php file. Confirm the name of the import_log table in your database.
Thanks for your help
I have changed the 301config.php to the correct variables. However, it stills redirects to index. I looked in server errors and got these

Mysqli prepare error: Table '*****_xenforo.archived_import_log_x' doesn't exist

Yet the line in 301config.php is this
define('IMPORT_LOG_TABLE', 'archived_import_log');
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