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XF 1.5 Redirect to pages doesnt work

The destination to Xenforo thread pages wont work if it has trailing slash in the end..
I need trailing slash at the end of thread pages.. page 2 and up


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The XenForo link to page 2+ doesn't have a trailing slash. You need to take that out of your destination URL.
Another thing,

I have a sub forum links that I need to rewrite. The equivalent to it to xenforo is the index page with anchor link:

It doesnt work because it redirects to:

Maybe because its affected by this redirect:
RewriteRule ^forumdisplay.php/([0-9]+)-([^\.]+)/page([0-9]+)$ http://www.domain.com/xenforo/forums/$2\.$1/page-$3/ [L,R=301,NC]

How can I make certain forum categories from vbulletin redirect to the assigned anchorlink?
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In this case, you should write rules to redirect specific URLs to special locations. You can use the "Redirect" directive here rather than a rewrite.