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I have purchased an add-on (application form) and in just one or two places I want a redirection to this form.
This application form hat its own url address.

When people go to some specific forums and they want to open a new thread (by clicking the Post New Thread button), then it should redirect them to this url of this form.

This should be possible with extra.css editing, right?
Can someone tell me what I must put in?

I dont want that all new thread buttons are redirected, just some.

Btw: I found Brogan's FAQ. There he tells how to redirect links. But I am not sure how to do that correctly and how to find the specific create new button so I can redirect it.
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You will need to seek support from the developer of the add-on, either in the dedicated thread or via their support site, if they have one.


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This is a solution @Snog come up with. Thank you Snog, great support.
If you have a similar problem, maybe this will help you.
Try it at your own risk!

Server redirects aren't related to my add-on at all. And I'm not really good with htaccess either. I had to research how to do it.

You can try this, but I can't guarantee it will work, I can't guarantee it won't break your site and I will not support it. I just know it works on my development server. And I can not answer any questions about it because I most likely do not know the answer.

Add this to your htaccess file BEFORE the standard XF rewrite conditions.
redirect /forums/forum_name.forum_id_number/create-thread http://yourwebpath/applicationform/application_name.application_id_number/form
Substitute your forum name and forum ID for forum_name.forum_id_number and your application name and application ID for application_name.application_id_number.