Partial fix Redirect fails when clicking 'watch thread' and ajax confusion


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Ok, this bug is a little bit tricky to reproduce. Sometimes I have slow internet connections and my laptop is rather old. :(
The bug I want to report happens when I click the 'Watch Thread' link on top of a thread while the site and JS are not fully loaded. I get to the non-JS fallback confirm page. But from here with enabled JS, the redirect to the thread don't work because ajax does its job in background. You can also reproduce this scenario if you disable JS before clicking 'Watch thread' and on the confirm page enable it.


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There's only so much we can do while maintaining a generic JS framework. Given the rarity with which this happens and the ease of resolving it (hit back), not going to change anything for this.


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I have dealt with it when overlays are disabled. Otherwise, the system doesn't know what behavior it's going to take, so it's not particularly easy to fix.


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on related note:

just a question... how usable the forum would be if the user has JS disabled on his browser? vB seems to have pretty solid functionality with JS off even for admins... :)