XF 2.2 Redirect chain for my domain


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So I'm scanning my forum with the Site Audit tool from Ahrefs, and it throws at me a "Redirect chain" warning.
http://mydomain.com > https://mydomain.com > https://www.mydomain.com. It also states, that at some point Google started to tread redirect chains as 404, so it means that I'm losing a lot of old incoming links (that were created before https became wildly spread). So of course I'd like to fix it.
But I have no idea how and where. )

Is it from XenForo Redirects for vBulletin? Is it from Cloudflares "force all to https" (or whatever they call it)?

I have "https://www.mydomain.com" in ACP > Options > Basic options.
"Enable board URL canonicalization" is checked.

How should it be set properly? Please help.


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I do need help with Redirect Chains after all. )
I discovered 20 redirect chains, I have to fix them, but not sure how.

So I was "improving" site visibility. :LOL: I merged threads and edited their titles. The funniest part is that I choose the "top landing pages". Now they all dropped in serps.

Here is an example.
https://www.oregonfishingforum.com/threads/yaquina-bay-report.615186/ was merged into
https://www.oregonfishingforum.com/threads/yaquina-bay.615107/ and then was renamed into

So now a request to the first url is redirected twice. What would be the correct way to fix such a problem?
Should I just go ahead and create 301 redirect from the first url to the third, using "Custom 404 page" add-on?
Or it will add the 3rd redirect in a chain?



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ok. I guess I found it. xf_thread_redirect table.
thread_id:615186, target_url:threads/yaquina-bay.615107/, redirect_key:thread-615107-41-, expiry:date:1614465724

I remember I was told by xF support "never ever change anything in the database directly from phpMyAdmin!"...
soo... how should I proceed with this one?

maybe I could just change the target_url from 'threads/yaquina-bay.615107/' to 'threads/yaquina-bay-fishing-reports.615107/' ?
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I guess I found the root of my problem with redirect chains.
I search in ACP > Forums > Batch update threads, check "Thread type: Redirect", and I get

Oops! We ran into some problems.​

No items matched your filter.

I was sure that there are no redirect links left in my forums. But they are there. About 70. I scanned my forum with MOZ crawler and it gave me a list.

So is something corrupted in my system, or is it a bug in XF 2.2.3 P1?