XF 1.3 Redactor responding slowly to typed text


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One of our members is having this difficulty...

I've been having a problem with posting: it's like the message box can't keep up or something, as I'll type out what I want to say, but the message itself will still be in the input process, even after I type, as if what I type takes twice as long to actually appear in the message box as I type, and often times, certain words will be skipped, making my posts incomplete.

I know it can't be a problem with my machine, because I'm not having this problem anywhere else but here.
Does anyone have any idea what might be the issue? We have an active forum and have been running XenForo 1.3 for several months and this is the first person who has brought up this issue. I'm waiting to hear whether this is occurring on every message or just occasionally. Also, requested browser(s) that the user is running as well.

Chris D

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Yeah the information you are requesting will be useful.

There have been bugs reported about similar behaviour before. Exactly what version of XF 1.3?


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When the user originally posted the message we were on 1.3.3. We upgraded to 1.3.5 today. I'm waiting to hear if the problem persists.