Not a bug Redactor editor buttons look blurry


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I guess it's nothing major, but somehow the iconography of the editor buttons (specially the letters) use some weird anti-aliasing that make them look very blurry - in contrast to anything else on the site. It's particularly noticeable on smaller screens.


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2 reasons why it's that:

  1. Unfortunately these icons use images, not SVG (vector graphics), so they should have a high DPI version for each pixel ratio (for example @1x, @2x, @4x etc.).
  2. Probably it's not done yet for XF because they use custom icons I think. By default (on Redactor site for example) they have high DPI icons.


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These aren't Redactor icons - you can see they're actually from CK. There is no current plan to change them.

High DPI support would be a separate thing (and a suggestion as it applies to every image we have, not just editor icons).