XF 2.2 Recurring Payments User Upgrade - Impact of Not Purchasable or Removed Payment Profile?


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I have a user upgrade with recurring payments using PayPal. Thus, PayPal handles the renewal charging and sends the notification to xF for extending the upgrade. What is the impact to these recurring upgrades, at the time of user upgrade renewal, from the following actions;
  1. Deleting the user upgrade? Will xF fail to extend the upgrade? If so, what happens with the PP charge?
  2. Un-ticking 'Can be purchased'?
  3. Un-ticking 'Payment profile: PayPal'?
In each case/scenario, I'm trying to determine if the user upgrade renewal will still occur appropriately/normally for all pre-existing PayPal recurring payments?


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For anyone else interested, here's the official xF response ...

1) Deleting the upgrade will mean it no longer applies.

2) Unticking "can be purchased" will stop new users buying it, but it will still continue for old users.

3) I believe this is as per no2 also.