XF 1.5 Recommend how to start customizing all page


I'm using Xenforo license.
We have the plan to customize our forum.
All pages will be changed by new html(+layout), css and javascript,
and keep using function & system of xenforo. (and New function added.)

(For example, See http://www.rpgfix.com/forums/ . New html, css, javascript!)

I think there is a limit of custimizing for using Template, Template modification.
Please advise me to start developing.
(I'm Web developer.)

Is there any reference for Xenforo Framework ?
I think first I need to understand Xenforo framework (controller, rendering, db connection, compile..)
Please help.

Thank You.


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I do not think there is a limit on customising Templates. But it really depends on how you plan on customising them.

To code for Xenforo you will need to have an understanding of the OOP system. From what I have seen Xenforo makes use of the Zend Framework. Have a read at these documentations. They are very easy to follow and they have helped me a great deal. I hope that they will be of any help to you too.