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Adam Howard

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I'm not exactly looking to switch. But if things turn south, I'd like to have a new reliable list at hand.

Ideal locations would be:

  • Canada
  • Israel
  • Sweden
Although I'm open to alternatives, but America (or UK) isn't exactly preferred.

Ideal control panel would be

  • Direct Admin
Although open to alternatives, provided they offer current software (php, mysql, ect)

Keep points:

  • Big on freedom of speech
  • OK with adult content
  • Allows for challenge of DMCA Notice (or defers such to our discretion)
  • Allows for backups
  • Allows for semi - long running scripts (for example, rebuilding search or rebuilding cache. Not something done regularly & is only done manually when I'm working on the site, but when done usually around 12 AM - 4AM)
Important points:

  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Secure
  • Well supported & managed (though we never need it when things are working as expected, its nice to know its there)
  • will allow for more than 1 domain name (4 total)
  • will allow symlink across those domain names (we use it for static content for cookie less domain)
  • Current software (php 5.4 with plans to move to php 5.5 when released)

Main site is web forum community with an active 100 members online. Traffic varies between 20 - 1000 guest (average would be 150).

Ideal budget:

  • Affordable (not to mimic a household utility bill)

1 Dedicated IP (but preferred).

Adam Howard

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Ideally, shared or semi-dedicated

Not exactly looking for a VPS or Dedicated Server. We're a little short on time, so we need something more managed & taken care of -vs- us usually doing it ourselves.

Adam Howard

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Didn't you already have a thread exactly like this with listings of host that you had tried in the past?


Not sure why you didn't just bump that tbh ;)

I'm not big on thread bumping old threads. And I'm looking to generate a new list compared to my old list or which may have been previously suggested (which likely may have been rejected).

As our needs may have also change since then & so may have the previous recommendations by others.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Pretty sure Nimbus would cater for most of your requirements. Only obvious issue based on your posts is they are in the UK which you state as not preferred but maybe the other stuff outweighs that, I don't know.

You should at least contact them. If you PM me (if you're interested) I will give you the direct e-mail of Tim who is great technically and is an perfect example of their excellent customer service.


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Has your attitude changed on the multitude of hosting companies you wrote so many positive reviews about on Low End Talk?

Adam Howard

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Has your attitude changed on the multitude of hosting companies you wrote so many positive reviews about on Low End Talk?
Just seeking alternatives :)

And time is a factor. I don't have the time to manage a VPS or Dedicated Server at the moment. Need something managed and supported.

Its why I'm seeking shared or semi-dedicated