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Reckons Team Last Thread Prefix [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Add-on Releases' started by batpool52!, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. batpool52!

    batpool52! Well-Known Member

    batpool52! submitted a new resource:

    Reckons Team Last Thread Prefix - Get last thread prefix on forum listing / forum index.

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  2. Luke F

    Luke F Well-Known Member

    Is this the same ReckonsTeam who have their name plastered on several nulled addon releases?
  3. batpool52!

    batpool52! Well-Known Member

    Is that a question?
  4. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    I believe it was.

    There is clear evidence from a quick search of the web that 'Reckons Team' is/was involved with 'nulling' and releasing XenForo add-0ns and also XenForo releases.
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  5. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    And apparently they don't want folks using a real name to register. :whistle:
    Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.28.36 PM.png
  6. batpool52!

    batpool52! Well-Known Member

    Makes sense?
  7. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    Think this might make more
    ^[A-Za-z0-9 -_.]+$
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  8. batpool52!

    batpool52! Well-Known Member

  9. batpool52!

    batpool52! Well-Known Member

    batpool52! updated Reckons Team Last Thread Prefix with a new update entry:


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  10. Jake B.

    Jake B. Well-Known Member

    Since you ignored @Luke Foreman's question, I'll ask it again for him:

    Is this the same ReckonsTeam who have their name plastered on several nulled addon releases?
  11. Da Bookie Mon

    Da Bookie Mon Well-Known Member

    hmmm all makes sense now. When he was going to try to get his credits addon to work with *******'s key codes on my test site.. He tried to have me give him complete FTP access to my entire test site along with superuser access and debug turned on.. Guessing he hoped to download all my add-ons and with debug and superuser access, he could export all the add-on xml's..
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  12. Kevin

    Kevin Well-Known Member

  13. batpool52!

    batpool52! Well-Known Member

    Yes. It was, not anymore. I'm trying to stay clean.

    Check the server log and see if any xml files were exported. I have no intension of using any people's add-on which I haven't paid for.
  14. Goodfella

    Goodfella Well-Known Member

    I believe people can change over time (including yourself going from nulled to non nulled). However you have caused a great amount of damage to the loyal and hard working developers here on XF.
    Is this not a case of *******?
  15. batpool52!

    batpool52! Well-Known Member

    Sure I have. I don't deny that at all. I have openly admitted, if you're a member of TAZ you would know that in case read the thread in which ******* got exposed.

    ******* owned both sites and ran them at the same time and didn't close it until he was exposed, whereas I (my team) stopped doing any kind of releases after Nov or Jan 2014 and I don't own any such site anymore.
  16. Goodfella

    Goodfella Well-Known Member

    I saw the thread on TAZ

    I understand where you're coming from, you did something but now you stopped. You also need to understand that YOU clearly knew what you were doing was completely wrong and damaging.
    In my eyes a thief is a thief, you cannot punish one and not the other. You have caused quiet a bit of damage to developers and now all of a sudden you stop doing what you did and you think the damage is repaied?
    I believe thats false, you're preventing any further damage from happening if even that since im sure some of the add-ons you have nulled may still be circulating the net. The damage you have done remains.

    Im a small fish on here but i believe lots of developers will be upset about this =D
  17. batpool52!

    batpool52! Well-Known Member

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.

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