Recent / Random Attachments On Forum Homepage [Paid] [Deleted]

Brent W

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I just purchased this add-on and it is exactly what I need but I'm getting the blurries, too. No matter what dimensions I set, whether I'm in Recent or Random mode. Any suggestions? I've already rebuilt my attachment thumbs cache once and set the add-on to match the attachment dimensions but it makes no difference. They're so blurry it is unusable. Hoping someone can suggest a solution! Thanks.

Can you send me a link to your forum?


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Is this working fine on XenForo 1.2?

Also, is the add on phrased, so could I change Recent Attachments to something else?



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Hi, it's possibile modify this addon for works in bdWidget? My website home is not /forum but XenPorta home and i would showrecent attachments in home page with bdWidget.
Also, it's possibile shows recent attachments in multiple rows?


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Could anyone help me put this into the sidebar rather than at the top of the node list? (with or without the bd widget framework) I know it shouldn't be that hard lol, but I cannot seem to figure it out! :)


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Purchased even knowing this is UNSUPPORTED.
I'll find out myself the way to customize some things.
is a great addon with a really cheap price, would be great if is supported and improved in the future.
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