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Recent Profile Visitors [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Add-on Releases' started by Liam23, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Liam23

    Liam23 Active Member

    Liam23 submitted a new resource:

    Recent Profile Visitors (version 1.0) - See who has viewed your profile

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. ArnyVee

    ArnyVee Well-Known Member

    Liam, where will it display the actual 'recent visitors'? I'm assuming on the actual profile page, but where on there?

    Any screenshots or a demo showing it?
  3. Liam23

    Liam23 Active Member

    Demo will be coming soon, and it shows it under the users personal details.
  4. 0xym0r0n

    0xym0r0n Well-Known Member

    Tried following your instructions. Ended up confused and trying multiple ways to upload it since uploading the FW file into the main directory and having the Addon placed in the library directory did not produce any results. I've tried uploading both files as it seems instructions have stated to do this.... and still produce no results! :(
  5. Liam23

    Liam23 Active Member

    :( If you followed instructions it should have worked... :confused:
    Let me have a look..... :coffee:
    I'll get back to you on this issue...
  6. tafreehm

    tafreehm Well-Known Member

    screenshot ?
  7. Liam23

    Liam23 Active Member

    When I get free time Ill add one.
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  8. Liam23

    Liam23 Active Member

  9. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    Will attempt to play with the free version later.

    Difference between free and paid would be nice?

    ..... Or did you just change your mind?
  10. Liam23

    Liam23 Active Member

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  11. Mysthic

    Mysthic Member

    Bought the Plugin, late answers, bad support and plugin still not working, not even an instruction

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