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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Recent Posts - Displays recent posts in the sidebar.


Displays recent posts in the sidebar.

This add-on displays recent posts to guests only. If you would like to show new posts to your logged in members, please download the the New Posts v1.0 add-on.

(Example of Recent Posts)

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(Example of Options page)

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  • All phrases start with recentposts_ for your convenience.
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I tried out this, looks good, thanks Andy for good work :)

Any idea / reason why it doesn't show up in thread_list sidebar. I added it just like i added it in forum_list sidebar template.

I noticed also that Online Users sidebar does not show up in thread_list, i have it too in forum_list...

All other sidebar elements i use, do show up in thread_list...

Is it something peculiar with XF?


I'm getting an error message in the admin panel. Yet its working fine on the forums.

Anything I need to do so these don't pop up anymore?

Thanks for the awesome plugin!



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looks great..... the "Preview Popup Window" is very nice (y)

any chance it would also show the "Prefix" in case a thread is using a "Prefix" ?



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Maybe for the future updates, can you consider adding to the sidebar the date of the upcoming events and recent posts?
At least for the upcoming calendar events it would be great. A little thing but an improvement I think.