XF 1.5 Recent activity feed only showing feed from one member


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For some reason my recent activity feed is only only showing the activity for my admin account to logged out users.

Once logged in, everyone is in there.

I can't think what I may have done or what permission it might be tied to.

I've tried disabling all add ons in config.php and it still occurs.

I have a small template mod to remove yourself from the newsfeed, but disabling that seems to have no effect.

I'm not sure what else to troubleshoot.

I'm guessing it might be a rogue permission, but I can't figure out how a permission affecting one user account relates to guest viewing permissions.


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There's a per-user privacy setting related to who can view your news feed. If that's not set to everyone, then guests won't be able to see that user's entries on recent activity (or their profile).


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Thank you, I think I've found it, it was set to members only *facepalm*

Is there a query I can run on the database now to switch the value for all members for Receive this user's news feed: to 'All visitors'?