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Implemented  Recent activity distinguish between responded to thread AND uploaded photo.


Well-known member
When a user uploads a photo/attatchment, instead of the recent activity feed saying he 'responded to thread', can we get it to say, 'uploaded an attachment' (or photo if its a jpg, gif)

Theres plenty of entries when someone responds to a thread, I feel when they upload an attachment it warrants its own entry since its something very likely cool to see. (photos speak louder than words)

Makes a notice in Your activity feed, and the users recent activity on their profile page.


Well-known member
Thanks Kier!!

While you're under the hood, see if it will add a thumbnail to the feeds as well. Now that would be sweeet.


XenForo Developer
Staff member
Step one complete - there is now a distinction in the alerts system between a reply to a watched thread and a reply with an attached file to a watched thread.

News feed next.