XF 1.3 Reccuring Payments & Upgrades

The Dark Wizard

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When a user purchases a reccuring upgrade through our xF board, can they cancel it through that or do they need to do it through Paypal?

Second Question:

If we were to manually upgrade someone to a recurring upgrade that can't be normally purchased, does it start charging them, or how does that work?

For example, we want to have say 5/10/15/20/25 upgrades that are reccuring(What ever the user fills like donating/committing to)

However there are always users who which to do a different amount, so if we say manually upgrade someone to a group that costs 100/mo, will that work?

We'd make custom recurring upgrades on request and manually give them to users.


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Recurring upgrade subscriptions are cancelled from the same place - account/upgrades:


However, when they click that button, they will be redirected to PayPal where they must cancel the subscription.

Manually upgrading someone will not charge the member being upgraded.

The Dark Wizard

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If I create a reccuring upgrade, allow the user to grab it then make it so its not purchasable after that, will it interrupt it for the user?


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If they want to make varying payments, why not set up multiple upgrades and let them choose?


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Dark Wizard,

I do it that way... with multiple options for being a subscriber. My way of doing it is to offer slightly more for each slightly increased cost option.

Some of the things most systems can offer to encourage higher subs choices are:

Access to private forums for each type of subscriber, so the top type sees them all, the bottom type only sees the one for their level, and so on... so folks can be in a pretty exclusive area....and you have a way to talk to subscribers at each level or better should you ever want it.

Some levels get free food and drink at real life meetings when we hold them, and the right to attend those meetings.

If you have things like photo areas then more storage space and things like that.

Added abilities/status around the system.

A banner under their name showing the level they are at.

We don't go on about cancelling.. but most folks are aware of how their PayPal account is working and that they have setup an ongoing subscription. If anyone ever asks about cancelling we say instantly that our subs system is controlled by the member and they can cancel any time they want 24hrs a day 365 days a year via their PayPal account. We also try and mention that PayPal deal with all payments and so we never have anyone's card details or anything like that - which is great with the very insecure way the Internet seems to work in general.

If we ever seem to get a confused member who seems to be complaining in any way about their sub we offer to cancel it for them, and do so very promptly if it seems a good idea... they can always start it again if they actually want that. We can cancel any PayPal sub setup by our system so we and the member have great control.

Sometimes a renewal will fail and PayPal will email and tell us that. It is great to know but we just relax and do nothing. PayPal will continue to try to take the payment and if it keeps not working they will normally sort out with the member to use a new credit card or whatever. None of that involves us and that is great and fine.

I hope these thoughts are helpful.

Steve - London, UK

PS: I wish XenForo did the odd real life member meets and meals.. I used to enjoy Wildcat BBS get togethers with the company owners and staff over the years, likewise CompuServe Sysop and member meets and so on. It seems a great way to get to know others doing similar things to you and gives a chance to really discuss what you are doing and why and so on.