Recalculate post counts/likes/points


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I did some testing on the site before I ported everything over, but noticed that the post counts have tripled, as have the trophy points, likes, etc. I'd like them to be correct. Is there some way to do this easily or do I have to blow them away in the DB and then rebuild the user cache?

Jake Bunce

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Did you run multiple imports? That might explain the post counts. I recommend doing a 'fresh' import into a new installation of xenForo when you are ready to go live (as opposed to building onto your test environment). It's just cleaner that way.

Maybe I am missing it. But I don't see any option to rebuild user post counts. Rebuild User Caches doesn't do it. I just tested it. Maybe they haven't added that feature yet.


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It's already live. i did import testing on the site & got all the addons/template edits I wanted. I didn't notice the error until after it went live.



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I do not believe that have a post count rebuilder. I did the same thing (multiple imports) in my testing and never realized my post counts jumped up so much. A script to run to rebuild the count would be nice.


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Would zeroing out the DB and running the cron job "Rebuild Board Totals Counter" fix this?

Edit: That's a negative, Maverick. I zeroed out the fields "message_count", "trophy_points" and "like_count", then ran the cron jobs "rebuild board totals", "update view counters" and "update user trophies". Nothing.

Worth a shot.