XF 2.2 Do daily crons recalculate post counts?


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After changing a few forums where post counts didn't count toward user totals before, what's the best way to update these users' counts? Do the daily crons take care of that or is there a manual query needed?
Thanks Andy. So the default crons in XenForo 2.2 don't recalculate posts? I ask because there are quite a few cron entires in admincp that might be related to this, but not 100% on point.
It won't recalculate user post counts, no. There is nothing built-in to do that. They're incremented/decremented on the fly rather than a cron job, and there is no rebuilder for them in the core.
I have found a free add-on that adds "Rebuild user post counts" functionality to the "Rebuild caches" page in the admin panel. It was coded by the late Liam W, thanks @Ozzy47 for updating it for XF 2.2.

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