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As designed Recache Post-Counter

Hey guys,

I'm not sure if it is a bug or not. But I deactivated the option "Count messages postes in this forum toward user total" in one forum.


After that I went to "Tools" and rebuilded all caches.

The Post-Counter for every User, that wrote in this Forum, is still the same, before I changed the option.

Is that a Bug? What I should do, that the Post-Counter will show me the correct Number of Posts?


(I'am Using xenForo 1.3 BETA 3)


Well-known member
Why is this marked as designed? Can it be explained? If you change forum settings with a reason (like to prevent post whoring) or you change it back, then the post count should reflect the current settings?

I had a forum where post count was turned off. Now I have changed my mind, and want to have posts be counted toward the user posts, also his former posts. But when I rebuild I think it would be under the current settings, not with taken into account my past setting? It's not logical for me. It's logical to rebuild to the current settings, or at least give the option for it.