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Rebuild Search by CLI


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In fact the rebuild of the Search was very fast - minutes for 3M posts (using 5k posts each run). My problem really is the Rebuild Users taking about 13h


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Elastic Search will never index in bulk as fast as Sphinx (unless ES makes major changes to how it works). Sphinx just talks directly to MySQL to pull records in bulk... Elastic Search goes through the application, so there's a decent overhead to having that added layer.

That being said, I did make a CLI-based search reindexer... but it's a little complicated for normal installs because it indexes in parallel across multiple servers. For example, if you have 8 servers running ES, indexing will be roughly 8x faster since each server is doing part in parallel. But for a single server setup, it wouldn't really have any advantage anyway...


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In fact my problem was the Rebuild Users - I was unaware of that differece at the time. My Rebuild Users is taking about 18 hours (in my migration testes) :confused: