XF 1.2 Rebuild Cache Search index

Another quick quesiton I couldn't find by searching.

I want to rebuild the Search Index and I have the option to delete the original index.
Should I shut the board down when I do this or can it be up and running?

I ran this tool directly after migrating and it took about 30 minutes. The size of my table is 1.3 gig and the vBulletin table searchcore_text was corrupted when I migrated over. I'm thinking they may be related ??? which is why I would like to delete the existing index.

Thoughts? Advice? Tips? Suggestions?

Thanks for all the help you guys have provided so far.


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You can leave it open but it may well take less time if you close the forum.

Personally I would close it, which is what I do whenever I have rebuilt the index.
Thanks for the quick reply.
No worries or concerns for deleting the search index and rebuilding it from scratch then?

Sorry to be such a worry wart. We migrated our site about a month early because or vBulletin site crashed and I don't want to screw up our site... especially without a current backup and it's a Friday and I have plans other than maintaining a site tonight lol!


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The worst that will happen is people won't be able to search old content if the index is deleted and the rebuild fails.
It won't stop the site from working and new content will be indexed.

Having said that, I have never had an issue rebuilding the index, even when I was on shared hosting.

If you have in excess of 1 million posts you may want to look at the Enhanced Search official add-on.
We have 680,000 posts.
We did purchase the enhanced search function, but I noticed it needed some sort of server side install and it won't work until that piece is installed. I've got enough with this board to deal with without fiddling with that part just yet... unless you know what needs to be done server side and can give me some quick guidance.

Thanks again!