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Thank you for posting your forum. I'm pretty sure your just beginning so I don't have a whole lot of advice other than your logo and nav can height. And I'm hardly one to offer it as well.

I can't wait to see what you do with your forum's design.. Good luck. :)


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1. logo - you need a logo created for your site. so that people can see that it's not about xenforo, but about your chosen topic
2. not a bad idea to go on a grey layout. Do play more in the style properties though, so that you can get an unitary color theme.
3. I prefer fixed layouts or at least something that wouldn't stretch the site on wide monitors. Part of your quest to better usability is to have a layout that's wide enough to make sense and narrow enough for the lines of text to be easy to read. A too wide layout will mess with your visitors eyes, since they'd need to read a huge line of text.


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Maybe you should edit the style as fixed style with a background (cars,,,,) I am waiting for more updates and improvement so far so good ;)


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great job I like where this is heading.;)
You could also decrease the space between the content and navigation in the home page, and also the space between the login and the navigation in the forum. I have some more suggestion but I am going to sleep for now, see you tomorrow.