Ready to buy, but BIG questions about subscription options/paypal integration


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Hi, can anyone tell me more about the subscription features of Xenforo and paypal payment integration? How does that work? Where does the user sign-up? Are there are screen grabs? Can we make the forum paid even when the person first registers, instead of registering then having to upgrade? Can the member cancel their subscription inside of the control panel on Xenforo? How easy is it to set up usergroups in the admin control panel? Any other payment processors like accepted? Any additional documentation you have on this is needed. Many thanks.


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I believe Mike answered your questions in your other post.

I would like to know answers to Shanj's questions as well. Can anyone tell us more about the subscription features and what it can do? I am concerned it's not advanced enough to run a full membership site with. Can you make it so when a person registers they must pick a subscription plan before they get access to the site?
The user just purchages an upgrade, which puts them in an additional user group. You then assign new permissions, a user title, and/or CSS markup to that group. They can't pick a plan when registering.
Will this work with or another payment provider besides paypal?
In theory, yes, but only PayPal has been integrated.