Implemented Read more & Images


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Hi Guys,
The resource manager over all I like. However a couple of bits.

Read more in the main topic. I would completely get rid of that tbh. The chances of me not clicking read more on every single one that I visit is few and far between. (To put another way, if I click into a resource, Im doing so already because I want to read more. Yet Im asked again)

When images are placed within the main content, I dont think they should show at the bottom. If Im uploading images for use throughout the description of a product I dont want them images to show at the bottom of the page. That should IMO only be used for images that havent been used within the body of contents.


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Oddly enough we discussed extending the snippet earlier.

Regarding the images, if you don't insert images into the blog (or they can't be seen on the main page), they get put at the bottom and the first one is shown full size.


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I have to agree on the "read more" aspect. Once you're on the page of the topic you clicked you should get the whole page as nothing is quite as aggravating as having what would really be a normal sized page busted up into parts. Obviously, it is done a lot due to the advertising game, and there are times when a page is image heavy that it can be split to keep it looking fast on load times.

But sometimes it's almost like you're being forced to mine for the info you want....especially news sites, they're the worst.