Read Marking Data Lifetime (Days) - what's yours set to?


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Just taking a quick straw poll and wondered what others had this set to.

For those who are wondering, it's ACP -> Options -> Threads, Discussions and Conversations -> Read Marking Data Lifetime (Days)

I dropped mine down from the default of 30 to 14 when I migrated from phpBB as that seemed like more than enough time for regular visitors (and guests).

I've just bumped it back up to 30 though as I haven't had time to visit my site much recently and subsequently a lot of threads I planned to read once time permitted are now marked as read.

Does anyone have it higher than 30?


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I left mine at the default of 30. I thought that less wasn't enough for those who go away on fortnight holidays. 30 seemed fine as if they didn't visit for longer than this then they either wouldn't be interested on catching up on everything or they would be overwhelmed with so much unread stuff. Plus if they do want to keep up with things, it'll encourage them to visit more often. ;)


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Just checked mine, and it's on 180 days. Can't remember changing it though :-s


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Default for me... But then I didn't think to change it... Or rather I hadn't previously thought to change it...

Liam W

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It was the default, but I just changed it.

I try and get old members to come back and if they see everything read they'll be like 'yeah, right...'.

Adam Howard

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ACP -> Options -> Threads, Discussions and Conversations -> *

  • Discussions Per Page: 20
  • Maximum Last Page Links: 5
  • Discussion Preview Length: 200
  • Discussion Content RSS Snippet Length: 200
  • Maximum Number of Poll Choices: 20
  • Read Marking Data Lifetime (Days): 60
  • Number of Posts (to send a PM): 25
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It's set to 999999999 here. So I can use that function to track who read which part of a discussion. "New posts in read topics" is one of many possibilities possible with that configuration.


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It looks like at some point in time after this thread was started back in 2013 the Read Marking Data Lifetime (Days) was changed and will only accept a number as high as 365 max now.

Why was that limit set and how do I enter a number greater than 365? Where can I force it manually or remove the 365 max limit?

The reason is when a new member registers, a couple of my forums which have not been posted in over a year are shown as read. I don't want that to happen when a new person first joins.