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I've checked just about everything I know to check. I've been reading for hours and checking on mods having to do with tags and watched forums and notifications, but I cannot find a resource or method of doing what I need to do. Hoping someone here will.

Our gaming community has about 1,500 members, each playing a different game/games at any given time. I'm looking for a way a member can 'subscribe' to a specific thread, aside for the normal 'watching thread', and be emailed/texted when there is information posted.

Creating usergroups for each gamer is impossible with so many members, with many coming and going in a game so often, and using admin email reaches all 1,500 instead of just those playing a certain game.

So, for example, if I wanted to create a thread called 'Black Desert Online Game Updates' and have it email/text/notify each member who 'subscribed' to it each time an update was posted ... is there a function or mod that would allow me to do that without making everyone uncheck the 'automatically watch threads you create or reply in'.

Rather than emailing all 1,500 members, I'm looking for a communications tool that will only communicate to those members that 'subscribe' or 'opt in' for the updates, without relying on just checking the forums all the time.

I'd want them to be able to opt in and opt out of the information feed.

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You can manually watch a thread and opt to receive email notifications just for that one thread. This is the only built in way to achieve this. You can lock the thread and nominate someone to post reply updates that will email those who have opted to watch it.

I'm not sure of any addons that would do as you ask.

Edit: however there are a few social group addons that will allow your members to manually join user groups which could be used to target them.
I thought of that too ... but in user settings, if you disable "automatically watch threads that you create or reply in" then it automatically disables "email notifications for watched threads" ... so if I ask everyone to uncheck auto watch threads so that they can manually only watch the update threads, then they aren't able to check 'email notifications'
They can still manually watch the thread and receive email notifications by hitting Watch Thread on the top right of the page when viewing the thread.

Disabling the automatic option just means any thread you're interested in needs manually watching is all.

I have it set to auto watch threads but I do not receive email notifications. I can opt to receive email notifications for just this thread by unwatching it (as I'm already watching) then pressing watch and hitting the radio button that let's me receive email notifications.
Right ... they can uncheck the box below, but then the email notifications box below that becomes greyed out. So how to uncheck the box and still get email notifications from a manually watched thread?

Remember that the page you've attached is user preferences that apply to the whole site.
To receive email notifications for just one thread, visit that thread then press watch in the top right, then opt for email notifications.

If you're already watching it then unwatch it first and complete the steps.

When you manually watch a thread, you're given the option to receive emails or not.

I think there is some reasoning behind that which has to do with the potential of being a spam site if the user does not opt-in to receive email.
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