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This isn’t my main forum, as I’m still converting that one over to XF, but I’m using this site as a test to see what can be done with XF.

Most retro gaming discussion is hidden away on Facebook Groups and Discord at the moment so I worry about the ease of finding information in those platforms in years to come.

I was using Wordpress for the articles but thought I’d go all-in on XFs article system to see if it can work as a WP replacement, and converted the WP posts to XF threads.

I might code a custom front page to show the articles better, but that’s a for-the-future job.

I’d love your feedback: especially if you’re a fan of arcade, zX spectrum, commodores, sega and Atari etc etc
Okay, so I've coded a custom front page, which I think makes it a lot easier for me to use Xenforo for an article site. (I think if XF provided an 'article preview' widget it would solve a lot of use cases and make the articles system more attractive)

All I've done is made some custom code which gets the latest X article posts and shoves them to a template, which then renders them in the same style as the article preview forum view (and added a few widgets)

Screenshot 2021-05-26 at 15.27.46.png

A few things that would make the articles system more popular with people currently using Wordpress would be:

  • The ability to change date of posts, including future dates so posts can be scheduled.
  • The ability to change the author of a post. (When I have people writing editorial on my main site, they will often submit as a word document and I upload it for them)
  • Widget to display articles in Article Preview mode.
  • Better permissions as to who can create an article thread.
I realise there are already suggestions/addons for many of these things, but something that covers these in the main core would be ideal. I'd happily also pay $$ for a cohesive add on which handled all of those things together. (I've tried a scheduled post, and change author addon and they don't like each other, for example)
It looks absolutely gorgeous. I will sign-up and return the posts at some point this week. Been very busy with real-life stuff. Great job!
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