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[] XenTag Mod - Tag Cloud 1.1

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[] XenTag Mod - Tag Cloud (version 1.1) - Add a rotating tag cloud for XenTag

This release can be upgraded using the Add-On Installer by Chris Deeming

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No issues. I had some complaints with the FetchApp so. If anyone still wants those emails, just let me know.
I have no problem with your FetchApp system. It's just that sometimes I be broke dawg. Like I won't even have 1 cent in paypal.
Im unable to get it to work. Not sure why and I might have done something wrong but I installed it according to the instructions.

Hoping I can get this to work soon.
Yes. If you want I can tell the custom template edits. Infact, I will add them to the addon description right now.
I got it to work. Sorta.

Your mod will work with Xentag installed but I have to turn it off. When I turn Xentag back on it gives me a blank tag cloud.
I had xentag installed before and your mod. I uninstalled your mod, then installed TMS and reinstalled your mod.

Currently I have a tag cloud that works with xentag off which means I can't add tags to the cloud. But when I turn xentag off the cloud works flawlessly and very nicely I may add.
You could try if there won't be any significant impact on your site.

Although I think you will lose all your tags. You could try backup the tags table from your DB and then reimport it later.
I installed this, it is showing up. But, the colors of the cloud refuse to change to what I selected them to be. I use a dark theme, and the default is dark colored text. Any suggestions on a way to edit this?
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