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[] Member List Manager 2.0

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Thank you for this Addon,
Anyway to sort by Group ? Admin, Moderator etc ?

Issue here :
Sorting by Positive post rating : OK
Sorting by Neutral or Negative : values always display 0 as rating.

Other question is :
Where and how to change CSS to align the sorting block :


Thank you


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Hi Moz,

I upgraded to the latest version of this. Is there a way to change the colour of the text when hovering over each of the menus. As you can see, it disapears:



Do you have any idea on how to fix this? I know I posted this issue in the previous thread, but just wanted to see if it was fixable.


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What you can do is go to sortmembers template and then find this line
<div class="Popup">

and add another class name of your choice besides Popup. Then in EXTRA.CSS add definition for that class.


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MOZ updated [] Member List Manager with a new update entry:

All new version - must uninstall previous version

This is the all new, feature packed and better than ever version of Member List Manager.

This update include many new features and some fixes. But before that, you must uninstall the previous version and remove the folder SortMem folder from libraries folder and styles folder.

FIXED! Usergroup filetering
FIXED! CRON jobs for additional addons
FIXED! Clash with some other addons like Barf!Loung...

Read the rest of this update entry...

Robyn Unc Privette

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After installing and clicking on member page I get

Fatal error: Call to undefined method XenForo_Model_User::getUsersSM() in /home/silvata/public_html/library/SortMem/ControllerPublic/Member.php on line 140


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I have a suggestion. How about a filtering option by letters?
After installing and clicking on member page I get

Fatal error: Call to undefined method XenForo_Model_User::getUsersSM() in /home/silvata/public_html/library/SortMem/ControllerPublic/Member.php on line 140
Can you post a list of all the addons yous have, I think it might be because of a clash.

Robyn Unc Privette

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Advanced BBcodes Toolbar 3.2.1

Auto Follow on Registration 2.0

Avatar Gallery 0.1b

BarfiLounge Member Poke 1.0.0

Bookmarks 1.1.2

******* - Change Threads/Posts Owner 1.0.2

******* – Advanced Thread Icon 1.0.2

Change Thread Starter 1.0's Countdown Timer 1.0.1

Conversation Essentials 1.1.6

Custom BBCode Manager 1.3.4

Donation Manager 1.0.1

Double Post 1.0.5

Egg Avatar 1.0

Enable Debug From Admin Home 1.1a

First Post Moderated 1.0.2

FreddysHouse Tools: Signature Once 1.2.0

GoodForNothing Title Manipulator 1.1.0

GoodForNothing XenSocialize 2.0.0

Guest Post Viewing Limit 1.0

Hide Posts From Guests 1.0


Kinetic Countdown 1.2.0

Last Post Avatar by Waindigo 1.1.2

MassAlert 1.1.0

Member List Manager 2.0

Member Map 1.0.5

Most Online User 1.2

New User Notification System 2.1

No Downtime by Waindigo 1.0.0

Notifications - powered by Gritter 1.5

Post Ratings 1.5.0

Prefix Forum Listing 1.1.0

RazorThemes Twitter Module 1.0.1

Registration Form Timer 2.0

Responsive Design 1.1.0

Route Changer 1.1.2b

Signature Restriction 1.2.1

Social Connect (Bundle) 2.2b

sonnb - Bulk importer for smilies management 1.0.4

Stats Bar 1.0

Sticky First Post 1.0

Stop Auto Linking Patch 0.9

TaigaChat Pro 1.0.5

Template Modification System 1.2

Thread Multi Moderation 1.2.0

Thread Watchers 1.2

User Essentials 1.1.2

User Specific Styling v1.0.0 DPC Addon 1.0.2

Widget for Donation Manager 1 Who Has Visited 2.5.1

Xenique Framework 1.0.0
XenMoods 1.1.3
8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal) 1.5.6
[8wayRun.Com] XenUtiles (Tools) 1.2.2
[bd] Forum Watch 1.1
[bd] Medal 1.4
[bd] Medal - Trophy Extension 0.9.1
[bd] Tag Me 1.7
[bd] Widget Framework 2.1.1
[h] Show mods in Forums Beta 2
[Iversia] FAQ Manager 1.0.1
[NFLJ] Showcase 1.1.1
[******] Custom Node Icon 0.9
[WMTech] - Maintenance Screen PRO 1.1.0
[XI] Blog 1.1.0 Beta 1
XI] Core 1.0.0 Alpha 2