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ragtek Thread Reader / who has read the thread

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I know there's already a add-on making this, but it contains too much overhead (which could kill big boards servers;) )
Now i got the original coders "ok" to release my own ( i know, i hadn't to ask, but i wanted to stay fair:) )

Install instructions:

1. Upload the files into your xenforo directory
2. Install the xml file
3. Edit template thread_view
Search for:
{xen:raw $threadStatusHtml}
add under this
<xen:include template="ragtek_tr_container" />

added usergroup permissions, so the admin can define which groups are allowed to see the thread readers


You should note that there are two of those: at top one and a bottom one. Placing it under either will get you the respective result (either top or bottom).
Also, changing the original ragtek_tr_container file to this will make all the words fallow the same style:
<div class="section">
<div class="sectionFooter"><h3>{xen:phrase ragtek_tr_users}:</h3>
<ol class="listInline commaImplode">
<xen:foreach loop="$ragtek_readUsers" value="$user">
<li>{xen:helper username, $user}</li>
I tried installing and received the below error message. I uploaded the files to the server, I confirmed they are on the server in the correct location.


Please enter a valid callback method.
My apologies. I just realized 3 files failed the transfer process. I fixed and it is installed. Tested and looks ok. I'll solicit user feedback now but all looks great.

As a note, I moved the notice to just above Share This Page part of the thread, rather then below the top. I see this as more of a tool for the few interested parties (admins/thread author) to collect information.
Is there any plan to add permission so that only some usergroup can see this list of users that read a thread?
OK is included:)
I'll release it tomorrow on ragtek.org & the free release will be available in 1 week here on xenforo.com
This does not restore the thread_read data in its own tables, so when the thread_read data is emptied from a cron run, all the users who read the thread will be erased? I suppose the easiest thing to do would be to re-title it to say "Members who have read this thread in the last 30 days" or whatever you have set as your last read data lifetime. Any plans for a more permanent solution?
I didn't realize the thread read information was purged. It can cause confusion when that happens, depending on how it occurs. I looked at my Cron jobs and couldn't locate any "Ragtek" or "Thread Reader" jobs. I checked my ACP > Options and couldn't locate anything there either.

Where are the settings to purge the thread_read tables controlled?
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