Add-on Raffle System



I have been looking around with not much luck so far.

What I am after is a Raffle System where I can distribute credits to people and they use those credits to win a prize in the raffle.

Features it needs:
Add/Remove credits from users
Purchase raffle ticket(s) with credits
Ticket purchase limit
Raffle duration
Display the winner/prize after the raffle has finished

If anyone can find me anything similar to what I am after that would be awesome.



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I would love one like this too. The guy who created the best Vb raffle system says he doesn't have a xenforo license or he would look at doing it for xen


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Hate to bring up an old thread, but the Raffle system is in it's final Beta test on a live site now.

If there are no hiccups, I expect to release this by Friday the 12th. It will not be a free mod since it includes quite a few premium add-ons for the original system.