quoting an image?


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when a user posts an image in a forum-post.
Then when I quote his post, the image does not show in the quote anymore.

Is there a way in order to show the image in the quote, but not the text "view attachment 225"....



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I just thought it would look nicer to see the image (when quoting a text which also contains an image) that to just show some text aka "view attachment 123".



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Same issue here. I've always founds this frustrating. This behaviour makes it feel very broken/incomplete for visitors.

I've spent a while messing around with the bb_code_attach_template, but have had no luck displaying the thumbnail for quoted images (forum hosted ones).

Is there any dirty/hack-ish way to just make this happen? All of our visitor attached images are public anyhow.
Losing image/attachment permissions is not a problem here.

Many thanks for any insight or advice.

erich37: It seems we always end up in the same threads. Trying to improve Xenforo usability/experience :)

Jake Bunce

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Is there any dirty/hack-ish way to just make this happen?

The problem is that the attachment record is not available for these "foreign" attachments. That means no thumbnail URL.

A simple template edit isn't enough. An addon is required to fetch these attachment records. I believe you need to extend this function to scrape the posts for [attach] tags and query those attachment ids if necessary: