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Can't fix Quotes not functioning properly


Active member
Not sure what to call this, but it is a bit of an issue.
When the user types out the bbcode themselves, they could always run into changing the font/style/adding quotes/etc. where ever they like. I know, I'm confusing, because I haven't woken up yet, sorry. Example:
[b ]test[i ]nom[quote ]test[/i ]fail[/b ][/quote ]

..ends up being:


XenForo developer
Staff member
Unfortunately, this is virtually unavoidable with badly nested tags. We have to choose a way to resolve them, and depending on order it can be wrong.

For example, if the quote is at the beginning: [quote][b]test[i]nom[/quote]test[/i]fail[/b]
It will be resolved reasonably: