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Design issue Quotes form ignored people show up in mail notifications


Well-known member
How to reproduce:
  1. Add someone to ignore list.
  2. Somebody quotes his post in a thread that you follow via mail notifications.
  3. You get an e-mail with the quote, but if you click to view the thread you don't see the quote.
What do I expect: whether I see quote both on forum and in mail, or I don't see it at all.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Content from ignored members is hidden in posts simply using the .ignored class and display:none.

Obviously that's not something which can be applied to emails.


Well-known member
I know it's done via CSS, but what the user gets? He sees quote in a mail notification but he doesn't see it on a forum. I think it's a bit confusing.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I can understand this being confusing, though I don't think it's particularly easy to fix because we actually do the hiding in CSS. That isn't something I want to get into the BB code parser and we would be looking at different renderings for each mail we send which isn't ideal.

As such, I see this going to a design issue.