XF 1.2 Quotes are being replaced

Hi all. I'm having a little problem since i updated to 1.2.
All the quotes that i write in posts's texts are replaced like this:

"This is an example".

Is replaced by:

\"This is an example\".

The same happens with single quotes, in posts content and in the configuration text boxes in admin panel too. I don't have any idea of what can be the problem. Hope you can help me, because all the texts, including template links are being affected by this.
Sorry for my bad english.

Daniel Hood

Well-known member
Can you post a screenshot of all the addons you have installed? I know this doesn't happen by default so it's most likely an addon or if you made any modifications to the bbcode parser?

Daniel Hood

Well-known member
Would you be open to quickly disabling all of these and making a post using quotes? if it adds the slashes then you know it's your forum install. If it doesn't, go back to the list -> enable -> make post with quotes -> continue downward until you get slashes again. I can't single one addon out of that list because the ones I know hook into the bbcode nobody else had issues with and I don't know the others.

What I suggested is a sure fire way to find out which addon is at fault though.
I installed Xenforo like 1 year ago with all requirements ok. With 1.1.x i had no problems, but now i re-ran the test and it's telling me that safe_mode is enabled. I'm sure tha it's disabled, however i'll contact my host support to try to solve that problem.

Can be that the cause of my problem?

EDIT: After re-disabling safe mode problem was solved.

Thank you so much!