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Hello, We have a community site using our business partners license. We want to move our community from their server to ours and purchase the appropriate license. We are currently on XenForo 1.2.2.

So we are looking to purchase our own license, have our community moved to a different server and bring the forums up to the current software version if we are not current. Could we get a quote for this work and let us know how we should proceed.

Thank you.


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Might want to get a list of plugins for the quote. They will need to be updated (some possibly purchased) if you have any. That will likely be the biggest part of the move. The other half is are you running a custom theme and by that I don't mean a couple of changed colors and a logo. If the theme has minimal changes it will migrate to 1.3 in seconds if its heavily customized might take a few minutes or more of manual work. That aside the plugins if any present the biggest investment in time.

We assume you have access to the database so it can be migrated, its a pretty simple move from one server to another. Do you have a host picked out, looking to have one picked out or are looking for something a bit more powerful and need services in setting up and possibly maintaining a VPS or dedicated server.

These are the questions that will be asked of you.
No addons are installed. We are not using a custom theme. If the theme does not work after the move we can fit it ourselves. :) Our host does support Xenforo and we do have access to all of the files and the database.
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