XF 1.5 Quick reply and Likes problem... Ajax issue?


A user reports they are experiencing this problem since we updated from XF 1.4 to XF 1.5:
I can't just hit the "post reply" button. 90% of the time i have to hit "more options" then reply from there.

Thank button takes 3 or 4 presses most times to work.
PC. Win 10 and using Chrome fully updated. Version 57.0.2987.110 (64-bit)

No error. Just see something pop up in top right corner of screen, but too fast to see what it is. The "Post Reply" button goes grey for a few seconds as if something is processing, then back to full blue and I can press again, but post doesn't show. So I hit "More Options" button and post from there, works instantly. I've tried going out and back into the thread thinking maybe it just wasn't showing me the new post like is used to, but that's not it. The post just isn't there unless I go through the "More Options..." option.
Sounds like an Ajax issue, right? Any suggestions on how to resolve?


XenForo developer
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I'd guess this could potentially be add-on or style related. Can you reproduce this? Can you reproduce it on the default style?

I see ads between posts on your forum. That's a common cause as they can trigger JS errors in some scenarios. When you do testing, it's worth testing as a user that sees the ads.


The site is completely ad-free for non-guests, so the user wouldn't be having any conflicts with the ads. I can't reproduce it, and I haven't heard reports about it from any other members. As far as I can tell, this issue is extremely rare or limited to this specific user.

At this point, I'm assuming that the problem is on the user's end, so I'm trying to figure out how I can help him troubleshoot. I apologize if individual issues are a misuse of the Troubleshooting forum.