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Good idea.

At $20 a month, that should get you 7 months worth of forum for the equivalent cost (less hosting fees), followed by nothing.

Still, at least it's cheaper, right?
You forgot to mention that for $20 per month you can only have 25 users online average and 2Gb storage. Best keep that forum small. ;)
The fact the one can not afford something, does not make it expensive. Price is a relative value. In most of the Western world, 140USD+VAT is hardly bank breaking for anyone with a job, even if it takes a while to save up. Yes, not all of us are fortunate enough to be in a place where that amount of money is pocket cash, however, there are great open source alternatives.

You obviously would like to be in a position that allows you for a purchase - having a job paid well enough that generates some level of disposable income. Why than, would you want others to work for pennies? ;)


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SImply go to your Parents or if they also cant affor it to your next Bank ... at least in Europe a credit for 150€ is nearly 0% interest.

Than pay your 20 a month ... after a year you have no more payments (like when you buy a car)

its how i did it :p - Sparkasse FTW