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I'm Thinking of buying Xenforo but before i do i have some questions. First do you guys have any deals going on at the moment. Such as like 10% percent off or something along those lines?, If not do you guys have payment plans like i can pay a certain amount a month?. and lastly i read that you guys do license transfers is that correct if so how will that work?



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License discounts start after the purchase of your 2nd license (So your 3rd is discounted). Other than that, any deals will be announced and there are currently none going on. Payment plans are not offered as far as I'm aware. If you purchase a second hand license, you should first verify that it is transferable. After that, the license holder needs to contact us via a ticket to start the process. Licenses may be transferred once in their life time and only 120 days after the purchase of the license.