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I hope you're all having a wonderful day I had a quick question regarding secondary groups, and permissions.
So I have my staff groups, their primary group is the default "Member" group, and their secondary group corresponds with their rank within our staff team. We have a few forums, that I have setup so that certain staff ranks can see the threads posted within them, but cannot reply back to them. Right now, they can all reply to those threads, even though I have it set so their secondary group does not have permission to, obviously, I do not want to set the primary group to not have access to those forums, my question is, how can I setup forum specific permissions for secondary group?

I'll be updating to xenforo 1.5 later today, not sure if this makes a difference as I haven't read anything about what's included in the new update

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Is the Registered users group able to reply to threads (check their permission)?

If you analyze permissions, where does it say they are receiving the reply permission.


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Click on the node and revoke the permissions for the Registered user group, which will remove it for all members, then allow the permissions for the user groups you wish to have them.
My only issue is, that I'd like the registered group to be able to post there, would I create a secondary group for them?

Thank you for your quick responses!
All members should be in the Registered group as the primary so just revoke it for the others.
This is what I've done, and they still seem to be able to post? Unless I am misunderstanding you, this is what my current permission setup looks like. I've renamed the default group from "Registered" to "Member"

The helper group is one group among others I'd like to be able to see the threads posted, but not reply to them.

Again thank you so much for your time.
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