XF 1.1 Quick permissions query...


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Just overseeing my permissions configuration.

I have a user group that has the node permission "Revoke" on the "View Node" setting of a particular node.

I have another user group that has the node permission "Allow" on this same node.

If a user is a member of both user groups, does the "Allow" permission override the "Revoke" permission?


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The permission value priority is: (highest priority first)
  1. Never – this does not grant the permission and cannot be overridden.
  2. Allow – this grants the permission.
  3. Revoke – this does not grant the permission, but can be overridden.
  4. Inherit – this takes the value from the parent. See below.
The inherit value causes the value for that permission to be inherited from the parent node. If there is no parent node, then the value will come from the user group and user permissions.