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I have a couple of queries for permissions for registered users.

1) Submit content without approval under general permissions. Which content does it mean? Just content in nodes or would that extend to resources and articles? I would like to have "yes" to submitting content to nodes but not to resources and articles.
2)Change username and Change username without approval. If I have "yes" to change username and "no" to change username without approval - does this mean they can change it themselves or does it mean they need approval to change it? ie if I have no for both they'd have to contact a moderator. So should it be no for both?
3) Signature permissions - what are alignment changes and lists? Can't think how they are signature things but I don't know much about signatures. Yes or no? I have no at the moment as I don't know what it means!
4)View member lists and view member profiles. Assume view member lists means allowing them to see who is online. But view member profiles - does that mean their own profile or everyone else's? I guess the latter. Is it usual to have yes for this?
5) I am not sure what tags and content tags are

Finally. As I have only one new user! :) I set their permissions. And then went on to set group permissions for registered users. If I have done them slightly differently what will happen?
Another issue. Having set all user group permissions, I am finding that new sign ups can't see anything as everything is set to No and I have to manually set their permissions. Is there somewhere I need to set that new users automatically have registered permissions?
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