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Hey, I will buy a XenForo license this week, but i have some questions...
If I upload Xenforo in a free hosting, can they delete?
And if they delete, can I create another Xenforo?
Sorry about my english, i am pt.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
You would need to ask the host for the answer to the first question.

You can have a single public installation per license, so if the original installation is deleted, you can install another.


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I personally wouldn't recommend a free host, the service you will most likely receive will be sub-par to an actual host.
So if I mark mark install service, you (from xforo) will upload the xenforo in a host with a simple domain, correct? And If I stop to pay the license, will the xenforo/domain stay without the renovation? I probably will forget to pay to keep my license before my license over.
OK, but just supposing..

I mark "install service", the XenForo representative will upload and install Xenforo for me in a domain.
And my license over, what will happen? My Xenforo version will "disappear" or i just will not be able to upgrade and receive support?


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once your license runs out you will still be allowed to keep your site up just not be allowed to upgrade or receive support.