XF 2.2 Questions about tags


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I have some tags like


now i want to have the tags car and cars for all threads with the tags above.
I dont want to use sql, if not needed. Can i do this with xf or any addon, please?
Hmm, funny, funny!
I tried

Then i search for tags "ford".
The results are all threads, not only the 123 threads with the tag "ford".
Maybe ... the problem comes from one of two addons like XFA Tags Generator and/or Tags Essentials, because one of them adds the search-field "tags" a second time. With deactivated addons, i have one search-field left and can do my search like it should be.
I have selected now some threads, but in the next step i cant add or remove any tags.
Huuuhhhh?! There is really now way to mass add some tags to selected threads?
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