Questions about migrating from vBulletin 4


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I'm contemplating migrating my forum from vBulletin 4 to XenForo. Before making the leap, though, I have some questions:

1) My forum currently uses VBSEO URLS. I searched on about redirecting the VBSEO urls, and a lot of threads came up, sometimes with confusing answers. Could you direct me to a thread on this topic that has clear instructions?

2) As XenForo evolves in the future, will the redirects of the VBSEO URLs continue to work? I'm concerned about the redirects breaking with future releases of Xenforo.

3) My site uses Photopost to host images. When I installed Photopost, I set it up as a separate database, apart from the vBulletin database. Is it possible to import the gallery images into a Xenforo gallery? Will the fact that it's a separate database cause a problem?

4) Is it possible to preserve the URLS of images in the Photopost Gallery? Many of the gallery images have been embedded in threads, and I would hate to screw that up.

5) Is there any addon that would be equivalent to vBulletin 4 blogs? I would like to import the current vBulletin blogs, but not as threads.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Redirection from VBSEO URLs is possible using specific rewrite rules.
Detailed instructions will be provided once you purchase a license.

XF URLs will not change so there is no issue with URLs breaking with future versions.
If for some reason the URLs do change, rewrite rules will be provided.

There is a built in Photpost imported in the Media Gallery add-on.
You will be able to import the existing content into that.

Any existing URLs, embedded images, etc. will no longer function - you would likely need to update the URLs in posts.
That may be possible with SQL queries but more than likely it would require a script to match the old and new content IDs.

I believe there are some third party blog add-ons available but I'm not familiar with them.
You can try searching here: