Ernest L. Defoe

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What I am trying to accomplish is something like on this site here

Where for a custom profile field it will create a tooltip popup that says Origin ID and will look exactly like on that site I just posted. I have figured out how to add an image to the profile field but I don't like how it looks

I want that custom profile field to look exactly like on the Simtropolis site. Can anyone give me a had please?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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Use this HTML in the Value Display HTML for that custom field:

<a class="Tooltip" title="{$value}">Hover for value</a>
That will show the text "Hover for value" and will display the value of that field when the user hovers over that text, like in the previous picture.

Ernest L. Defoe

Well-known member
Actually this is more what I was wanting but thanks again Jake for setting me in the right direction <a class="Tooltip" title="Origin ID">{$value}</a>