question regarding user promotions

question regarding user promotions

i have read the manual but did not quite get this part

"If a member no longer qualifies for the promotion, due to their status or the promotion criteria changing, then they will be demoted and removed from the user groups(s)."
i have made a user promotion and then run the corn to update the system

it works perfectly

but then when deleting the promotion or changing it , and run the corn , the people who was already promoted kept promoted and their statues did not change it was only applied to the new users

what i did is i made a promotion to move users from registered user to cool users and all the registered user was added successfully to the cool user , but after deleting it or diss activated

the users were remain cool users they did not get back to registered user

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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Maybe it's just the title you are seeing. Try running this to rebuild the user titles:

Admin CP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild User Caches

If you change the promotion criteria then I would expect the demotions to happen in due course. The demotions are also handled by the cron.

If you delete the promotion itself then users are not automatically demoted.