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Question regarding user accounts


New member
Hello, i'm a bit new to this, and I tried googling the answer to this, but I can't seem to find an answer. I'm probably googling the wrong thing...

I run a guild website (www.guildmotion.com) and we want to make the move to a better website, and better forums. A lot of the info on the website is private (members only) and people have to apply to get access. Having played with your demo product, I see that I can set it up so people have to answer additional questions upon registration, and be validated after they register (like an application process). This way I can keep the forum private. This is perfect.

However, I only want people to have to log-in once, with one account, and I also will have other information on our website separate from the forums, that I want people to log-in for. What I am wondering is: Is there anyway it is possible for me to have people sign up for the forums, and have that be their account on our website as well? Vice-versa could also work, whereby they register for our website, and that automatically creates them a forum account. Basically I want people to only have one account to access all content on our website: our forums and our other content.

Does anybody know if this is possible, in some fashion? Thanks!


New member
Hmm, looking into it more, this seems to be a fairly complicated procedure. I may have to think about some different ways to do things.


Well-known member
You can hook into the XenForo system so that if someone registers on your site you can post that info to the XenForo datawriters to automatically create an account but, as Brogan said, it's custom development either by someone else or by learning the code yourself.